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Headlight Xenon Bulbs are made containing a high level of Xenon gas which enables them to give a better light output. Xenon bulbs will light up the road up to 90% brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs and when you realize they can send a beam of light as far as 20 meters; this should catch your interest.

There are benefits to you and your car in replacing your bulbs. Halogen bulbs are low intensity most probably installed in the factory where they made the car and offering a poor solution to good visibility at night. Xenon headlight bulbs provide much more power and will make difference to your confidence when you drive as everything will be much sharper and clearer. With a better vision you will feel safer when driving at night time or in particularly stressful driving conditions. Some of the main benefits are listed here.

Xenon bulbs provides a powerful clear light, emitting up to 3 times more light than standard headlights, this is one of the reasons why many car enthusiasts choose them. Their ability to offer drivers clearer visibility, even in fog or dangerous weather conditions, means possible dangerous situations can be avoided and reaction times are greater.

It makes economical sense to upgrade your car with Xenon headlight kits as they will generate a higher wattage than regular halogen headlight bulbs and use much less power. In other words, they will actually save you money.

HID kits come in a range of colors to suit your car and style. Crystal white, gold and yellow, are just some choices available to you.

Xenon HID kits are pretty simple to fit to your Charger headlights, just remove your old ones and fit the new ones, there's nothing to it. You will not have to go to a garage or get an electrician, you can do it yourself. You don't need any specialist tools or equipment, just the instruction book that is provided which will lead you through every step of the way in installing your new Xenon headlight bulbs.

Xenon bulbs are inexpensive to buy; they are reasonably priced and good value for money as they generally last for a significantly longer period of time than standard halogen bulbs.

Xenon HIDs are particularly good choice when it comes to night driving as they will reflect the road reflectors and road signs that might otherwise be missed with normal halogen bulbs. The bulbs can reflect important road signs and reflectors that you might not have seen using halogen bulbs. They can also help to minimize eyestrain and allow for a more relaxed driving experience.

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