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Dodge Charger Rear Spoilers

Dodge Charger Rear Spoilers

Performance and style can be integrated in different forms. A perfect example of this is a rear spoiler. It can benefit both the exterior and performance of a vehicle. While giving the vehicle a customized look, it contributes to the aerodynamics of the car. Dodge Charger spoiler is specifically mounted to a vehicle to decrease unnecessary air movements across the body of e vehicle when it is in motion. It improves stability as it decreases drag which may affect handling.

Best used on high-performance sports cars, a Charger spoiler has now become a common feature on passenger vehicles. Although some of these spoilers are added as a styling element, it should be remembered that they can either make minimal improvements on the aerodynamics or make it worse. There are various kinds of spoilers available today. One of these is the front spoiler or air dam, which can be located under the front bumper. A rear spoiler or sometimes referred to as a wing is attached on top of a vehicle's trunk lid. Another type is the window spoiler. There are also spoilers especially made for pickups. These include cab spoilers, tailgate spoilers, truck cap spoilers, and tonneau cover spoilers.

Motorists opting for a spoiler must bear in mind that different spoilers have varying weights. Thus they may have different effects on the vehicle's performance, depending on the materials used in the spoiler's construction. Majority of spoilers are made of the light and sturdy polyurethane material, but there are others that are created out of light weight steel or fiberglass. Other dodge spoilers, on the other hand, use a mixture of all three materials. All of our spoilers are made from hand-laid fiberglass or blow-molded ABS plastic to ensure their sculpted detail and durability. Each spoiler also undergoes quality-control inspection before it leaves the factory. Our user-friendly instructions come with diagrams showing everything you need to know to make installation as easy as possible.

Dodge Charger Rear Spoiler