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Once a feature of European and upscale domestic models, LED and Euro tail lights (or Tail Lights) have fast become a modifying staple for many different types of drivers. While these upgrades aren't exactly "new", they have, however, picked up considerable steam as of late. Some point to the speedy nature in which they can be installed, as more and more car owners have grown tired of long-term customizing projects. Others talk about the vividly contrasted luminance that upgraded tail lights often display, especially in comparison with original factory designs. But as with anything else custom-related, it all comes down to personal choice. And if one thing has risen out of all this, it is that custom tail lights are a relentlessly compelling aftermarket addition that benefits Dodge Charger in more ways than one.

Light Emitting Diode technology is still considered advanced, and that's not by mistake. LED power is currently the most potent option for tail lights. And there is not a fair comparison between LED tail lights and OEM halogen bulbs. Charger LED tail lights disperse a far more effectual tone of colorful radiance that is vivid and unmistakable. Because of this truth, LED tail lights are a highly-discernible safety upgrade in conjunction with being reputable fashion accessories. Sure, they elicit sweltering style. But it doesn't hurt that they are easily noticed by a big rig behind you in the midst of some apocalyptic rain storm in the dead of night, either. Euro tail lights are available in multiple dozens of designs, and many times are LED-powered. What sets Euro tail lights apart from standard Western lamps? Many times, Euro tail lights are "clustered" together inside the housing, and often feature circular lenses, but there are a host of other spirited options. If a set of Euro tail lights are LED, then the designs are near limitless. Boasting many housing selections, the spectrum is exponentially more expansive. The housing on both LED and Euro tail lights can be shaded several colors, providing a sportier and more eclectic backdrop for the lenses. This dynamic approach is what has set Euro Tail Lights apart most drastically from usual American factory tail lights that come stocked in the majority of domestic models. It is also why along with LED tail lights, they are a near-requirement for those active in the aftermarket automotive culture.

Dodge Charger Tail Lights